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The Ultimate Guide to Pet Adoption
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Animal Rescue Florida
Flagler Humane Society
Halifax Humane Society
ARC Animal Rescue Consortium
Putnam County Humane Society Pet Rescue by Judy
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Napolean Kitten

Hi my name is Ann, and I just love collecting and selling cat figurines and cat artwork from here at my home in central Florida.

To see my collection for sale on ebay go here:
Cat Figurine Collection

Here you will find all kinds of gifts for kitten and cat lovers such as cat ceramics, statues, plates, calendars, prints, artwork, drawings, posters, photography, door mats, coffee cups, wind chimes, wind socks, jewelry, cat leashes, cat harnesses, collars, signs, baskets, scratching posts, books, shakers, dishes, ornaments, vitamins, cat food, kitten food, health food products, organic cat food, cat treats, kitten treats, cat costumes, information about cat shows and stories and pictures submitted by our readers about their kittens and cats.

I don't breed Munchkin or Napolean kittens so please use the sites above to find a cat or kitten near you. Please support your local animal shelters, humane societys and rescue organizations.

DOB: 4/23/08 - Chocolate Silver Classic Tabby
Dam: Darcy of Judies Cuties, FL
Sire: Sir Percival of Creators, GA
Napolean Kitten Mandy
Napolean Kitten

Standup Girl

Wow Fishes

Click Here to see
Munchkin Male
Some Cats Get along with Dogs

Bebe & Mandy
Cat Fishing
Caught in Fish Bowl

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Title: Fancy Cat Lovers
Description: Fancy Cat Lover Kitten Adoption, Cat Gifts and Collectibles, cats make affectionate, loyal and loving pets

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